MonaVie – Has the Success Train Derailed? MonaVie Reviews

Have you noticed that there has been a huge drop in the number of people trying to prospect you for MonaVie recently?

So what’s up? MonaVie was a huge success story that moved from zero to a billion dollars in sales in 5 years.

There are some that are saying MonaVie was a scam but I think not. MonaVie was a success rocketship that nothing could stop and the checks that the MonaVie superstars were cashing were nothing short of mind boggling.

I mean would you believe $980,000 per month?

So how is it in the world of MLM that sometimes companies sometimes just disappear? I mean at one moment they have an army of distributors chanting the company name and recruiting up a storm and suddenly they seem to be gone?

Well I have been around the MLM industry for over 20 years and so I have witnessed first hand the growth cycles of many companies.

I also know that it’s not unusual for a mega success story in the MLM industry to hit the top of the market in the US and then enter the stability phase.

It seems the top of the market in the USA for MLM companies is at about $1 Billion in sales. From that point their growth slows dramatically and some even fall back by as much as 15% to 25%.

This is of course what happened to MonaVie, and that should have been the end of it, but the fallback they suffered now appears to be much worse.

So here is a quick MonaVie overview

MonaVie began life in 2005 and is headquarterd in Utah.

Mona started as a single product Superjuice company using the Acai fruit from Brazil as the main ingredient.

MonaVie did not really see any huge growth until they recruited a small army X-Amway distributors including X Amway Diamond Brig Hart to lead the charge.

MonaVie hit $1 Billion in sales by 2010 and according to some reports had a distributor base of over 1.5 million.

So the question is, with so much success going on for them what happened to make them virtually invisible in the US market.

Well I believe it has to do with the business model they used to sponsor reps and build their groups.

MonaVie leaders used a very product driven approach to sponsor new reps that included product sharing and tasting parties rather than the traditional opportunity presentations.

Distributors were told to use a simple business model of giving one bottle of MonaVie juice away every day to get people interested in the health benefits.

            They also would invite prospect to a group sampling called a tasting party where product was sampled and testimonials were given about the amazing health benefits of the product and then encouraged people sign up to buy the product.

It my opinion this created a very product driven culture in the company were many of the distributors were actually just retail customers.

Then when the economy hit the skids in 2010 and people cut back on their budgets, they dropped the superjuice and so the MonaVie fallback was more sever.

So what does the future hold for MonaVie?

Well they appear to be a strong well run company, however let’s face it, no company can grow straight up on the growth curve forever. There is always a point where you have pretty much tapped all the easy market and growth slows.

That is the point where companies generally begin to branch overseas to continue the growth, and that’s exactly what MonaVie has done. I understand they currently have some good growth going on in countries like South Korea.

However if they can rebuild or even maintain in the USA is another question.

The huge checks many of the top leaders were getting took such a hit that many have jumped ship and gone looking for opportunity elsewhere and when that happens it can be very hard to attract new leaders.

I also believe that the day of the tasting party as a mainstay may be over. I think the best approach with this company would be to using online lead generation and marketing approaches that would allow a rep to build not only a US group but also an international one at the same time.

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