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Marc Barrett

Marc Barrett
Online Business Development & Marketing Coach


Here is A Simple Blueprint for Building Your Business Online


Now although I was a highly successful business person when I first got started in my business I made the same mistake. I did the standard sales approach being used by my upline:


  • Make the List

  • Call the List

  • Follow up on the List

  • Follow up on the List Again

  • Follow up on the list Again

  • Rinse and repeat


Sound familiar?

Well I am not here to tell you to stop doing what is working for your business, but if it’s not, there is a reason why.


Here is the problem with your list:


  • No Targeting (What makes you think these people are interested in what you offer?)

  • Too small of a market: Marketing teaches us that the more people we talk to the luckier we get. Starting with a small list of even a few hundred people and assuming they are going to be interested in what you have to sell, and then trying to beat them into submission to join you in your company is a bad strategy. It’s simply going to get you into the NFL (No Friends Left Club)

  • No Posture: People want to do business with successful people, it’s going to be hard for you to act successful if you are chasing prospects around begging them to be in your business. If you do that, you come across as desperate, and of course you may be, but the more you act like that the less likely they are to want to do business with you. What is a person to do?

  • No Automation: Technology is our friend, or if not it sure should be. Why go through the slow painstaking process of grinding through prospect after prospect (which is going to take forever by the way, unless you get really lucky) if we can automate the process?


Now there are simple solutions to your business building problem and they revolve around 2 concepts:


  • Increase the size of your target market:


Look, if you move beyond the small micro-niche market of the few people you know or could possibly run into at the grocery store, and think about let’s say “How many people are looking for a business today on the Internet” you start to get the sense of what marketers have known for years.

Increase the size of your market until it is so large that you will find lots of interested prospects in that market and you will also find something that is sometimes hard to find and that is lots of dead serious prospects who will actually want what you have to sell and will take action.


  • Use an Online Marketing system to automate the process:


Ain’t technology grand!


You don’t even have to invent anything. There are already “Out of the Box” solutions that you can start using today that will take over the time consuming tasks of not only presenting your business or product to your prospects but also following up with them so you can free your time and also manage a massive group of prospects that will, when sifted properly, get you directly to the gold.  


Want a simple step by step blueprint to implement these two Success Solutions?


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